The state of being constipated. It can cause great pain and is recommended by many physicians.
So hold in your feces and your large intestine will do all the work for you...
by kwang June 09, 2003
Top Definition
when you've gotta go, but you're ass says no
chips got constipation
by botaf November 11, 2003
The act of not being able to squeeze a terd out it is probably just as bad as having a baby, results in horrible cramps, possible infection, and even sometimes the need of having something stuck up your ass.
I once was extremely constipated and didnt poop for a week and nothing would work, no enemas, supositories, laxatives, nothing.... so what they did was bring me to the hospital, stuck a tube down my nose in to my stomach and pumped an unbelievable ammount of laaxative in to me... 4 liters. I shat for 12 hours and after all the poo was clear i shat water wow what a fun time.
by APfromMSP April 30, 2005
The state where taking a shit is hard and it hurts like a mother fucker!

In German it is called: Farfrompoopin.
by Fart Matser August 24, 2003
The inability to relieve oneself of a 'brown baby'. The opposite of diarrhoea. The thing that killed Elvis. The torture that the eldery suffer most days. Prunes are the only saviour.
"In the name of all that is holy, I've never has so much trouble taking a shit in my life. That was the worst constipation ever."
by Dr. Reedman October 16, 2003
When the train won't come out of the tunnel.
I had constipation for almost a week and finally relieved myself, it felt like I gave birth out of my asshole. True story.
by Anonymous...... February 01, 2008
Worse than homework, you wanna go, but you feel as though a baby is coming out your asshole sideways. Laxatives, Metamucil, and enemas help. Enemas suck
I haven't shat in 4 days, now I have to stick jelly in my arse.
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 14, 2004
The whole reason that laxitive companies make money.
The man was constipated so he took some laxitives and he crapped his brains out.
by jay420 July 29, 2005
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