This term refers to the phrase "this shits", which means something bad. Obviously, the opposite of shitting would be constipation, thus, if something is good, it is constipated.
This song is really constipated.
by John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt October 10, 2007
Top Definition
When you mentally have to go poopie, but you can't physically go poopie.
I gotta go pooooooooopie!!!!!!!
by Screw u bitch August 06, 2004
1- When your shit is stuck up your ass hole, hoping it will finally let out.
2- Kinda feels like giving birth out of your ass.
3- Hurts like fuck.
4- If you push too hard, your head will blow up.
5- The total opposite of diarrhea.

James- "Holy fuck! My crap is like, stuck up my ass!"
Mom- "Really? How does it feel?"
James- "Like I'm giving birth to a brick!"
Mom- "Force harder then!"
James- "But my ass is gonna like, tear or something."
Mom- "Oh well, not my problem that you are constipated."
by Hitler (yes i am female) February 11, 2009
When you're full of crap, and you don't give a shit
John was full of crap, but he couldn't shit, he was constipated
by Mystic_Snowfang June 25, 2009
When it feels like you have a tennis ball sized rock in your anus and you just want to relieve yourself of it, but when you sit on the toilet and strain it doesn't come out because it's rock hard and your anus cannot stretch wide enough for it to come out without tearing. Also the reason why I have a hemroid that I'm severely self conscious about & I refuse to have sex with anyone until it shrinks.
FUCK! I've had to shit for days but I'm constipated. I almost feel like puking the turd out.
by Turd Expert April 20, 2009
you cannot take a dump because your butthole is messed up at the moment, but you cannot poop for a looong time
ohhh man, I have shat for 2 weeks!

Damn! you must be constipated!
by yoimfromtokyobizatch March 01, 2004
Suppose you haven't taken a shit for a while and every time you go to the bathroom your poop does not budge because it is firmly stuck and rock hard. You strain yourself but still you cannot get the turd out and you tear your butt hole while you are crying and trying to push it out. This feeling of extreme pain and not being able to pass shit is constipation and one calls you "constipated".
Tom who was not being able to take a crap because the poop was extremely hard ,felt relieved after the doctor explained to him that he was constipated and recommended a suppository.
by Hp October 17, 2012
when you need to take a shit but you cant cus your ass hurts
i need to take a dump but im constipated
by georgy weorgy June 15, 2007
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