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person with large penis
omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
by snarff December 15, 2007
A guy who is a total jackass and does not care for anyone but himself. Does not know how to treat a girl/woman, plays with their emotions unroll they are hooked but if he dates them he will be a totally different person around his friends and with his girl. Untrustworthy,cowardly,perfect example

of the corruption of popularity. Everybody hates. does not know what he wants. Is indecisive,a complete jerk. Don't bother becoming his friend, ladies, you'll regret it deeply.
"Who is that person that's fucking with your head all the time? " " Connor is my depression and the monster in my head."
by that one girl22 May 12, 2015
The hottest, sweetest British guy you will ever meet. He's always there for you when you need him and he gives fantastic advice. Loves to party, drink, smoke weed and is just an all together fun guy. A little slow at times, but he makes up for it with his looks, personality, and partying skills.
"That guy's really cute!"
"That's my boyfriend.."
"Wow, you're lucky! He's a real Connor!"
by OneBigRoomFullaBadBtchz November 16, 2011
a commonly happy person who lives to annoy all but cannot handle when he is the center of a joke. a connor is commonly stupid and cannot pronounce words correctly.
"Hi connor!"
"salmon is fish, elk is food....... i eat paste"

"Hey connor can you pass me a pillow?"
"you mean a pellow?"
by wonderandnever January 17, 2015
a big ugly fat ass who bribes people to come to his house. He pretends he is sexy and athletic but, in reality, he looks like he is a meth head.
Connor Hey sayan want to come to my house?
sayan sorry not today
connor but i will let you play on my xbox?
sayan really I cant go
connor but I will also let you ride my go-kart!
sayan fine I will go
connor yay
by _TnyTim September 19, 2015
A person with a small penis
That's guy is a Connor.
by Her im December 17, 2014
He has a small penis he lives in colorado
man Connor its small
by Juan martinez September 16, 2014
My ratchet ash bud
Girl: man that boy is a connor
girl 2: yeah he's so ratchet
by ratchet11 December 18, 2013
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