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person with large penis
omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
by snarff December 15, 2007
A connor is a boy who has very pale skin. He thinks hes funny when hes not and, will often make fun of you by calling you ugly or a loser. He can get a girlfriend, but not keep her for very long because he compares her to his old girlfriends. He wont give you enough time to open up and act yourself around him because he takes relationships to fast.. He is gay but has never told anyone, and he has hit puberty but his voice never changed, and he is often a lier.. you dont want to be a connor.
girl1: omg thats embarassing.. look at how nerdy and gay he looks..

girl2: yeah, hes a douche. who would ever want to be a connor? ew.
by Mmoorrggaann! April 25, 2011
a guy with red or blue bangs who wears a necklace made out of pop tabs and likes alternative music. awesome awesome awesome hair.
he dyed his bangs again he must be a connor!
by C_awsum_chick September 08, 2010
connor: a con a hustle..a dirty hood rat
stay away from connor ' s they are all dirty ass hoodrats..
by j4nny4rmdablack;) October 24, 2010
1) Replying to email chain messages at a later time when they are no longer relevant or funny.

2) One who eats dumbass salads and wears flamboyant lumberjack gear.
Do you see that connor over there eating a salad with a lumberjack coat on? He must be from michigan
by TERRRRY November 12, 2010
a gay holy person who loves all girls named shannon , his pennis is also very small.
hey that connor is a gooner.
by walidC4 November 23, 2010
Slang for Ass Dildo.
I used a connor last night.
by lakjsgdh09ero December 14, 2009
A typical douche. Has fluffy hair, and likes buttholes
"Meh, I like buttholes" Connor
by TrentS24 September 09, 2009