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Excessively black to a fault.
A ham falls out between a black woman's legs at a grocery store while yelling at her kids. She looks shocked for a moment and the says "Who threw that at me?"—Conky!
by Pray4rain September 29, 2011
Peewee Herman's robot
"Hey Conky, what's today's secret word?" - Peewee Herman
by frodaddy March 02, 2005
A cocky white person.
"George is so conky, he thinks he's better than all the black people."

"That conky mother fucker, who does he think he is?"
by M and B September 28, 2013
A Person Thats A ASSHOLE
Hey shut the fuck up Conky!
by Show February 03, 2005
Another word for wonky
This desk is a wee bit conky...
by josquius April 15, 2004