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Everyone... Why? because as some say being a conformist is conforming to fit in or acting a certain way so people can like you. It is human nature to want to fit in.. Even if it is with a group of outcasts. Everyone wants to belong to or associated with something or someone.So we all conform to something in life.. Whether with music, at school,with clothing, which religion you choose or lack there of, social circle. Everything..
1: Dude listen to this band it's frickin awesome everyone loves them.
2: You're such a conformist.
1:So are you for not conforming with my opinion.
2: Yeah you are right... Go DIE..

I am also a conformist.. I conform with everything even non-conforming...I've learned to accept it... Have you?

by Callmebilliejoe October 03, 2007
When somebody has to test the reaction of the people they are with by saying something to the effect of, "I'm well up for <insert inane notion to be proposed here>". If the group approves the motion is carried. Examples of people like this are RETARDS.
Idiot: "I'm well up for getting a cold drink"
Rest of group: "Yeah I'm thirsty too lets get a drink"
Onlooker: "Hahaha they could get a drink but they are probably too stupid to count the money they need to exchange for the goods they are purchasing."


Idiot: "I'm well up for getting a cold drink"
Normal UnRetard: "Hey you stupid phuck, if you want to get a drink just get one. Why do you need the groups approval. *PUNCH*"
by Pike August 30, 2003
A perfect expample are those faggots who grow their hair out and dye it black and dress in black. Who conforms more then they do? Preps may wear the same brand of shirts, but at least they dont listen to the same music, dye your hair black, wear trench coats so you look "tough", dress in black, paint your nails black..wow the people who do this, and there are thousands of them, tell us we are the conformists, they dress the same, listen to the same music, and suck each other off. Get a life you "depressed" loser fucks. Anyone who is gothic is just a homo, simple as that.
move to a 3rd world country if you think your life sucks so bad you fucking losers.
by loca March 30, 2005