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the instance of being both confused and flustered at the same time
I am so damn conflustered!
by Abby April 19, 2003
The state of being confused and flustered at the same time. orginates from that one youtube video.
Carly was not conflustered aftter her great conversation with Kyle.
#confuzzled #say whaaa? #err? #flustered #hot and bothered
by Russian navy May 12, 2010
To be confused to the point where your sentences are made of actual words but lack any consistent point whatsoever.
then i got so conflustered that i messed up my entire speech and the whole class laughed at me.
by CCdances August 26, 2004
confused and flustered
when you're confused and flustered at the same time=conflustered
#confused #flustered #con-flustered #mixed feelings #feelings
by TCAT. October 01, 2013
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