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It's three joints wrapped into one big cone.
"Hey, let's smoke that fatass cone."
by Mike Rotch ~ October 02, 2004
11 20
A word used when someone is making a big deal out of nothing. Derived from a line in the Wedding Singer when the limo driver was given a hard time for running over cones in a test drive.
They were cones!!!
by That's What She Said! January 14, 2009
14 24
The amount of pot you put in the conepiece (thing you put the pot in to smoke it) when you smoke it.

I think this is a bowl in American slang.
After about 4 or 5 cones I just can't be fucked going outside.
by od April 22, 2003
16 26
A male who has "man boobs"
Gary's shirt was way too tight, his cones were distracting me all night!
by Anon_poster June 09, 2009
6 18
A Cone is a very special person that has very special qualities. A Cone
is a very intelligient, irresitable, warm, passionate,and caring.

Not everyone can be a cone, they are very rare people. You have to
already be born a cone to be a cone. Only a cone can appoint you or
consider you a cone.
I(Domy) appointed Raquel(Coney) a Cone because when I first met her I called her Cone. I had the strong feeling that she was a Cone, and she has been living up to her name. We share a very special bond and have many of the same beliefs and think very much alike. This is the way of the cone.
by Coney and Domy November 02, 2004
8 22
dis, belittle
You got coned when she pushed your wig back.
by biteme October 25, 2002
3 17
a bong that you smoke drugs in
jeeze jamie u need 2 stop smokin that cone u crackwhore
by bob February 17, 2004
3 18