when 1 person fucks the other up the ass while also giving them head.
When Mike was about to blow his load, Jon decided to conch him so he could get Mike's jiz in his mouth.
by rire October 01, 2006
Top Definition
the bowl-shaped part of the ear, where soundwaves are bounced into the inner ear. Commonly pierced.
"I can't believe she stretched her conch piercing to 2 ga"
by Telefina February 09, 2004
Colloquialism for the vagina; referring to the often pink parted cavity that is common to both the female genitalia and the large mollusc.
I was poised over the top of her and then I jammed it in her conch.
by Passdog December 07, 2008
A powerful word that when used in an explictive way could describe pain, displeasure, or hatred. Often replaces other more common sware words.
Mike-Hey dont look now but here comes Mark.
Trevor-Wow that guy is such a conch!
Mark-Hey fuck you I heard that!
Trevor-Wow you are such a conch!
Mark-Fuck you, you conch sucker!
Trevor-Ya real good why dont you go conch your self in the face!
Mark-You know I would but I already conched all over your mom last night!
Trevor-Ya real mature bring my mom into this you conch.
Mark-You know I wouldnt have to if she didnt love the conch so much
Trevor-Fuck you!
Trevor-fuck you have beaten me. ***Lays down in fetal position***
by MayorMcCheese October 09, 2006
1. Any of various tropical marine gastropod mollusks, especially of the genera Strombus and Cassis, having large, often brightly colored spiral shells and edible flesh.

2. Person born in the Florida Keys, an island chain at the southernmost tip of Florida, also referred to as the "Conch Republic" Anyone having lived in the Keys for 7 or more consecutive years may call themselves a "freshwater conch".
"You may have been around since 1975, but you'll never be a true Conch."
by Dgennero August 02, 2005
n. A versatile word used to:
1. Express camaraderie
2. Express general disgust and annoyance
3. adj. Delineates one's state of goofiness or strangeness
1. What up conch!
2. That slut took my seat. What a conch!
3. He was actin real conchy today.
by Treva June 02, 2005
A euphemism for cunt
That guy is such a conch.
by BANGEXPLOSIVE November 22, 2015
A story or Statment that at first hearing apears to be normal but upon examination is a waste of time and not something that was worth saying in the first place

Similar to "Talking Shit"

When someone is talking conch they are talking just for the sake of talking and keeping conversation going.
James: "One time me and marcus got a bag of MnMs and just ate them"

Karl: "Thats not a story James! Stop Talking Conch!"
by Strang Entertainment December 31, 2009
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