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Conc meaning Conccusion grenade. Used in TFC ( Team Fortress Classic ) A halflife multiplayer mod.

Usually used for " Conc Jumping " Conc make somewhat of a forcefield and pushes the user in directions according where there standing
See if you can conc over that bridge.
by Pyro-Whore August 19, 2006
Originated in chemistry while learning about concentrations.

1. Solid, concrete
2. Pwn
3. Concentration
1. Dude that shit's conc!
2. He totally just conced you.
3. -insert chem mumbo jumbo-
by unidentifiedmen December 06, 2007
Short for concubines.
This trip would've been a lot better if we brought some concs. My hand is getting tired.
by danlikesbikes April 04, 2007