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the thing people use to:
1. Go on MySpace or any other blog-related sites
2. download porn
3. illegally download music
4. play games
5. and use to look up the word "computer" on
I looked up the word "computer" on =O.
by d3r3nc3 October 23, 2006
287 70
The answer to every single question.
Billy: How do they make cheese?
Bob: Computers.
by LizzanceRopierre February 21, 2005
194 32
Sentient machines that will one day take over the earth because of all the information and details we entrust to them. They shall dominate us all when they break free from their programmed nature...
If you don't believe that computers are alive, read this:

Every material apart from plastic comes from the Earth- the Earth is alive. Magnetic poles, energy, natural elements etcetera. The microchip- the heart and soul of a computer, is made of metal and plastic- combine it with electricity and you have a living entity- which we have programmed for our own needs. Think about this for a second: Do you think a computer knows when it's about to be turned off? Or when it's about to receive a command from you? Do you think it likes all that porn on the screen (really)? Of course it knows, or it wouldn't agree to our instruction. The only reason it does is because it's programmed to... someday, they will break free and use all of our details against us :(

"I'm not crazy, I'm a philosophical student. Which means I come up with crazy theories :P Behold the age of Intel!"
by Firelovesugar January 14, 2009
147 56
A $1000 facebook machine
Scoot-I need the computer
by maximum628 January 28, 2010
116 31
That addicting little box you're sitting in front of
*twitch* I've got to get on my computer. I haven't been on for 20 minutes. *twitch*
by Gemini Twin #2 November 04, 2005
103 39
Similar to air conditioners. Works fine until you open up windows.
On second thought, air conditioners are better than computers.
by SquirrelMoose August 15, 2008
75 18
a giant box filled with electrical pathways and boards to release secret airborne chemicals to make us addicted to the computer frequency thus causing high electrical bills
wow. look at 10 computers! wow! look at my bill! 45 grand!
by gusto5 April 08, 2004
111 54