A guy who's helluva good when it comes to fixing 'puters. Very common at universities, research labs etc. You'll be his best friend if you talk to him about Linux, Mozilla, HTML/PHP etc. As far as appearance is concerned, computer geeks can be placed in two groups: 1) the uglier one including fat, sluggish, bald C.G.'s or 2) thin and often tall ones, usually with hair of middle length, aware of their health and hygiene- so they never stink. Usually seen in glasses that go well with their beautiful faces. There are also female computer geeks, but they're rare and I didn't see many of them- most of them looks beautiful. Whoa, there are no ugly women, but sometimes you run out of wine.
Read "Linux for advanced users" everyday, spend 5 hours a day googling, write some programs and be exceptionally charming- they'll recognize a computer geek in you.
by Chris Slychan March 15, 2006
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A computer geek is an obsolete pejorative stereotype for a student interested in computer science. A geek is an individual who pursues personal passions even if they are derided as unattractive fascinations. To be a geek is to be, unflinchingly, oneself.
I am a computer geek because I like to study computer science.
by collegekid1 October 27, 2004
a person who is bullied at school, but is your boss when you're an adult
Stupid Redneck:Fuck off you fucking 'pewter geek!
Computer Geek:wtf
by Rednecks are Assholes March 31, 2009
A person who can orgasm while looking at a computer that does NOT have pornography on its screen.
I saw this computer geek damn near cream himself at the Apple Store when he saw the new MacBook Pro, dude.
by metalboy5150 April 23, 2009
someone who is knowledgeable in things related to computers, internet, softwre, hardware, etc. beyond the average person.

See also Dork.
Tom is so great with photoshop you'd think he's a computer geek or something.
by HomerCO March 05, 2004
A person who loves computers more than woman. belives the only woman to love is the 355 gigabyte/600 Mhz/ Alienware computer. Stays on the machine at least 5 hours a day. Sometimes may skip meals to just be on it, without distruptions. Usually Fat or skinny. Stereotypical ones wear glasses and are dorks. Some are but new breeds can appear as sk8ters, jocks, gangstas, and normal people.
Anthony Rizzuti and Samuel Hooey.
by C. SAnders May 25, 2004
Perjorative aimed at those who spend most of their time interacting with a computer and fail to develop emotionally and physically.
That geek thinks he's great because he's a computer whizz... he doesn't realise he's an immature loser.
by jim bowb February 10, 2005
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