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Obsessive masturbation with the use of a computer. Mainly through the use of porno on the internet. Signs of compubation are having more then 2 gigs of porn saved on your computer, sticky or stuck keys on your keyboard, and a general sense of happiness at all the spanking off your doing.
Hey, why doesn't the B work on your keyboard? -- Oh, sorry about that but I suffer from compubation.
by Dark Lord Happy Pants August 02, 2007
conjunction of computer and probation. when someone is grounded or restricted from using the computer
Dude 1: hey dude, can i use your computer?
Dude 2: no im on compubation

Dude 1: go on your computer later tonight. i want to talk to you
Dude 2: sorry man, i can't. my dad put me on compubation
by alfreedink March 12, 2008
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