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A compliment that can easily be mistaken for an insult OR a compliment that is intended to be an insult. Usually said in a sarcastic tone and uses one's positve attributes to patronize and or demeen.
You look less fat than ususal.
by Daryl&Ryan Terry July 31, 2005
When you compliment and insult someone at the same time. Also a way to break something easy to someone.
Grace: "You're not funny, Jared, but I'll make exceptions for you."

Innocent bi-stander: "Damnnnn you were just complinsulted dude."
by Ms. Complinsulter June 13, 2013
A statement which starts as a compliment and ends with a subtle, or at times not so subtle, insult.
MO: MFR is absolutely right, that's twice in ten years.
EMM: Great complinsult MO!

MFR: PNM is great at throwing darts, he hits MO's arm every time.
PNR: That complinsult don't confront me.
by emminksa February 02, 2008