Short for computer or also can be short for competition
I have a big snowboard copmp next week
by April 27, 2003
This is a term like lol or brb or any of the other billion or so abbreviations and acronyms created by instant-messenger patrons too lazy or busy multitasking (ie: watching porn) to actually type a word longer than 4 letters.
Sexi_chick43:mi comp is scr3wed
by Fox April 15, 2005
Short for compadre.
Hey, Comps, how's it going?
by snapp January 19, 2004
1) Short for completemment

2) French version of totes; can be used in both French and English.
1) Je suis comps serieaux.

2) I am totes serious.
by Jesse! April 08, 2007
1. (n) Nickname for a person with the last name "Compagnone".

2. (adj.) Exceptionally good at geometry.
1. Hey Comps, what's up?
2. I can't believe you answered that problem about the triangle! You must be comps!
by Compagnone November 19, 2006
a term which can be used as both an adjective and a noun, meaning someone who personifies being 'perfectly rounded with no jagged edges'. Someone who is generally nice, sweet or happy, or who looks this way.
The noun 'a comps' can be used to define a nice, lovely evening out or in watching a nice film and so on
'aw thanks for that, you're so comps!'

'you look comps today'

'are we gonna have a comps tonight?' (noun)
by Emily Blyth May 24, 2006
best rapper in the world (compton)
by comp April 28, 2003

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