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dat's what it is
(____x____) i fart on communism
by Kerry is dumb June 30, 2004
am complete load of hippie bullcrap just like nazism/fascism and all other forms of socialism
communism is from hell
by the world blows September 12, 2006
In theory this is perfect, as evryone is equally treated, however it falls to pieces when people get greedy. For example a doctor and a binman might get payed the exact same amount of money; just like everyone else. But, the doctor might think "Wait a minute i save lives, i deserve more money than you."
On the other hand, if there was no binman, who would take the rubbish out?
There is no homelessness in communism, unlike democrat, everyone is given the same flat, same car, no one is given special treatment in any way.
This theory is perfect, flawless, but them greedy people go and spoil it all the time. Bastards.
by Billy fury August 17, 2005
Communism is what the whole world should do, but doesn't.
Communism works in philosophy but in real life, It wouldn't.
Communism is another way of saying 'when cows fly' because it couldn't.
Put them all together and you get what you started with in the first place. Peace out! ;)
Communisim, harmony when it works. Hell when it doesn't.
A system that, in theory, is probably the best type of government. When put ino practice, however, the country usually falls into a totalitarisnistic state.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
A variable in a mathematical equation.
(((Communism - Capitalism)*(Idiocy/Greed) + (Intelligence))^World-population)*0 + miracles = 42
by Arthur Dent November 02, 2002
A really really incredibly amazingly fantastically stupid idea. only good for the rulers of the communist state. look where it got russia and cuba.
Person One: Communism is stupid
Person Two: Damn straight
Person Three: Well i think communism is great idea! All the equality to show how we rea-
Person on to Person Two: Thanks for shanking that mother fucker. I can only stand so much bullshit in one day.
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008