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The partisan right-wing group that launched a bellow the belt attack on John Kerry, saying that he'd betrayed his country and served as a coward in Vietnam. Aparently it's not that bad that george w. bush was a draft dodger.
Anyone with an IQ over 70 can see through the lies of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
by wrestlingfreak August 28, 2006
A woman who lost her son in the iraq war and is now protesting against the war outside w's ranch in Crawford, Texas. She is trying to end this moronic war, and I support her for doing that. Hey, to all the people who wrote definitions against her and everyone who gave those defs thumbs up- You have no dignity. Let's kill your children and see how you feel then.
Hey Bush, grow a pair and meet with Cindy Sheehan
by wrestlingfreak August 28, 2006
An idea that "punks" who are trying to sound hardcore will wholeheartedly endorse without knowing a fucking thing about it. It was started by Karl Marx, and quickly taken up by rebells across the globe. It eventually came to power under Vladimir Lenin and Leo Trotsky. It soon was turned into a synonym for dictatorship by Stalin and Mao. Eventually, comunist governments either collapsed, like russia, modified, like China and Vietnam and Cuba, or became little rogue nations despised by the rest of the world like North Korea. The one stable government remotely resembling comunism is Venezuela. The truth is, communism is a bad idea, and if you learned about it, you would see that it is almost impossible
Virtually all communism-lead nations have descended into turmoil Capitalism is flawed, but is better
by wrestlingfreak February 20, 2006
The most inelligent species on the planet, which means that in the event that they screw up, the results are that much more catasrophic. The severely egotistical member of the primate family
Run for your lives, the humans are coming!
by wrestlingfreak October 13, 2006
One of the most misunderstood things in the world. Many rockers and rappers have been accused of selling out for siesing the chance for fame, fortune, MTV, and groupies, when in reality they are just hedonists like everyone else.
Many hipsters whiny and emo kids call bands sellouts, instead of hedonists which they are.
by wrestlingfreak January 24, 2006
A bulshit group of people who one day decide that the cheerleaders and "dumb" jocks are "losers" and "pop-culture brainwashed". To fight conformity, they go out and conform to being non-conformists (confusing, eh?). They shop at hot topic or thrift stores with their fellow anti-preps, go to coffee shops compulsively, are shockingly corpse-like, entertain the idea of how wonderful it would be if the jocks are unemplayed and the cheerleader gets pregnant at sixteen when they have spare time. They love the idea that they are revolutionaries like Che, who if alive wouldn't give a flying shit about them. They can be recognized by the trait of gender ambiguity, atrocious atempts at poetry, bad drawings, bad music, etc. Also, if you see one with a slight build, long flowing hair, and tight jeans, it's a guy.
Anti-Prep 1: Oh, fuck it, the jocks are stopping by the coffee shop after school. Why the fuck would they come here?
Anti-Prp 2: Umm, is that a backpack one of them's got?
Worker: I bet they're sedying. Cafeine, y'know...
Anti preps (together): NO WAY! THEY'RE RETARDS!
by wrestlingfreak February 20, 2006
Sports are up there with music, art, and hot chicks as the best achievements of humans. They require competitiveness, discipline, strategy, teamwork, and strength, all good qualities. Of course, the people who posted anti-sports comments are probably wastes of life who sit on their asses in front of computers all day with no friends, who collect dungeons and dragons stuff and think star trek conventions and speaking Klingon should be considered cool. They are probably fatasses, with no muscle, who will die of heart attacks from lack of excercise. Can't say I'll miss you.
I personallly know Joe Frazier. He is a great man, having many achievements in sports and being a good person
by wrestlingfreak January 24, 2006
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