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Communism, though recently associated with corrupt totalitarian states such as China and The Soviet Union is one of the natural states of human existance, the idea of living in a self-sustaining group that cares for its members, like they did in the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age), which is increasingly hard in the modern world. Most families live in A SORT of communism, as parents USUALLY don't make the kids work for what they eat.

Many societies, such as the Shakers in America, the Incas in Peru, the Essines in Israel, and many Early Christian groups, have practiced forms of communism.
But Communism with Das Kapital C didn't come about until the mid 1800s when Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, which stated that Society was always going through transitions (the last two being Feudalism, and Capitalism), and that now was the time for a transition into a Socialist economy, which would lead to a classless society, which he called "Communism". Marx recognised the effectiveness of Capitalism, but saw that it was only another step in this chain.

One of the most contraversial points about Modern Communism is that it is vocally Athiest, as Marx had said "Religion is the Opium of The People." This is because Marx's father was forced to convert from Judaism to Christianity in order to get a job in a largely anti-semitic country. Because of this, the young Marx decided that religion was fleeting, and was a tool of the opressor to bind the people. Despite this, many religious-based communistic societies have existed.

In the early 1900s, in Russia, long after marx's death, the Tsar Alexander II had declared war on Japan. Russia, after a devistating defeat in the Russo-Japanese War, and heavy losses in World War I, the people were ready for a new government. Many looked to Marxism. These were lead by intellectuals such as Vladamir Ulyanov "Lenin", and Leon Trotsky. They called themselves the Bolsheviks, and pelieved that the Proletariat, The workers, must triumph in an armed revolution. In 1917, the Tsar was deposed, and followed by a capitalistic Provisional Government. This didn't cut it for the Bolsheviks, and the Bolsheviks soon gained control of Russia.
At first, the new Soviet Union seemed like a genuine Marxist state, but soon an upstart named Josef "Stalin" "The Man of Steel", began his deadly regime, which effectively ended the idea of a just Communist state.

the same thing was played out all over the world in places like China, and Cuba. Corrupt dictators hijacked Communistic ideals and used them for their own personal good.

So thus the great notions of Communism will forever be tainted by the terror of corrupt dictators.
Communism: As long as people will strive to rule over others, there will be no true communist state. -me
by El_Haggis September 09, 2006
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dat's what it is
(____x____) i fart on communism
by Kerry is dumb June 30, 2004
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am complete load of hippie bullcrap just like nazism/fascism and all other forms of socialism
communism is from hell
by the world blows September 12, 2006
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In theory this is perfect, as evryone is equally treated, however it falls to pieces when people get greedy. For example a doctor and a binman might get payed the exact same amount of money; just like everyone else. But, the doctor might think "Wait a minute i save lives, i deserve more money than you."
On the other hand, if there was no binman, who would take the rubbish out?
There is no homelessness in communism, unlike democrat, everyone is given the same flat, same car, no one is given special treatment in any way.
This theory is perfect, flawless, but them greedy people go and spoil it all the time. Bastards.
by Billy fury August 17, 2005
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Communism is what the whole world should do, but doesn't.
Communism works in philosophy but in real life, It wouldn't.
Communism is another way of saying 'when cows fly' because it couldn't.
Put them all together and you get what you started with in the first place. Peace out! ;)
Communisim, harmony when it works. Hell when it doesn't.
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A variable in a mathematical equation.
(((Communism - Capitalism)*(Idiocy/Greed) + (Intelligence))^World-population)*0 + miracles = 42
by Arthur Dent November 02, 2002
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A really really incredibly amazingly fantastically stupid idea. only good for the rulers of the communist state. look where it got russia and cuba.
Person One: Communism is stupid
Person Two: Damn straight
Person Three: Well i think communism is great idea! All the equality to show how we rea-
Person on to Person Two: Thanks for shanking that mother fucker. I can only stand so much bullshit in one day.
by catspajamas [ecb] June 16, 2008
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A system that, in theory, is probably the best type of government. When put ino practice, however, the country usually falls into a totalitarisnistic state.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
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