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A derogatory term for bran flakes, so used because of that particular cereal's tendency to forcibly expel the entire contents of your bowels.
I'm gonna pour me a big-ol' bowl of colon blow... clear off the pot, Ma, cuz I'll be needin' it soon!
by Uukla the Mok December 06, 2002
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exploding your bowels into the porcelain at about the speed of sound so that the contents of the bowl splash back up before you can slam your ass shut
grant has one of these every morning cause there is shit from ass to crack all over the toilet door
by paul September 20, 2004
A maximum-strength laxative, not for the faint of heart. You will literally shit your guts out. The mucus lining your intestines will be removed.
"Poopin' Is cool"
"Have a crappy day!"
by Benny February 04, 2004
a product designed to clean your colon from the inside out.
I tried colonblow and I took a 5 foot dooty.
by the prophet April 07, 2003
The rapid expulsion of hot feces after over endulgance of spicy Chinese food with a little beer on top of that!!
Who was the Picosso that painted the toilet bowl with their colon blow??
by hot dirty sanchez December 05, 2002
The act in after anal intercourse one affixes the lips of the mouth to the anus and proceeds to blow as if inflating a balloon.
Jay just gave Mary a Colon Blow
by Raven2099 May 17, 2008
(n.) a shot of grain alcohol dropped into a glass of malt liquor. Similar to an Irish Car Bomb, but with no redeeming quality, (specifically in the taste). Named thus for the tendency of the drink to create a state of absolute despondency in the drinker's bowels.
Daniel: Hey dude, did you know that there is a Facebook group called "If 1,000 people Join This Group Michael Hearn Will Do 10 Colon Blows."?

Luis: No one can do 10 Colon Blows and live.
by The Holy Searse May 14, 2009

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