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IT MEANS CHILD IN IRISH YOU INCOMPETENT FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!! Apart from that, a very popular Dodge Master who everyone worships.
Look over there!!! It's Colin!!! "Get on your hands and knees and worship me you insolent fools!!!"
by Sir Laughlin October 12, 2003
63 186
The act of quitting. Often used in reference with "quitting the internet".
"If things keep up like this, I'm going to Colin this place"
"I'm Colining"
"Yeah dude, he Colined"
by DJ October 14, 2004
114 240
a glob of shit on the tip of a drag queens dick
i had to scrape off colins last night
by jakunn47 September 04, 2008
45 180
See also: Faggot
Someone whose favourite food is a cockmeat sandwich. Typically called a Colin
by AftComet October 15, 2008
30 167
a piece of worthless shit, fuckface, looks like a pussy, sucks cock, and is a gay lover who adores anal sex and rim jobs.
Shut the fuck up Colin and go jack off.
by Katelyn :] December 31, 2008
53 218
Icky. Unwelcome, lingering presence that fills an office, making the occupants skin crawl.
Colin is an icky individual.
by Mr. C. November 30, 2004
76 282
acctually means GIRL in Irish. I have to apoligise to all the users
(i am a big dimwitted twit)
I smell. P.s. Colin is a girl/trainspotter
by Coleen July 05, 2003
49 283