Having a dispute with a long time friend and not talking to the person longer than six months and not acknowledge any of there friends and doing everything to make them inferior
I been having a cold war with my best friend for three years, i want to start things over again and talk to her
by The Forbidden May 18, 2011
The war between the two greatet civilizations in the world at the time, the United States and the Soviet Union. In which the United States won because they were faster and advancing technology, and had the courage to keep going.
Woman who just had birth: how's my baby?
United States Cold War doctor: He is fine, and yet another brave soldier in the fight against communism *looks head up at an angle then stares proudly*
by The Great American August 12, 2008
The Cold War was a secret conspiracy between the presidents of the USA and USSR, whereby both countries would spend billions of dollars on military and defense and make it look like they considered each other a threat, when their true worry was that Earth would be invaded by aliens, after occurrences such as the Roswell incident.
Some people would say that dead spies and starving USSR citizens were a small price to pay for the amazing technological advances made during the Cold War.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005
A war that was fought in Alaska. they used buffulo skin to keep warm and whale oil to burn there enemies. igloos were created during this time period.
1. The Igloo originated from the Cold War.

2. the Holocaust was just like the Cold War.
by hamahama April 14, 2009
the third world war according to Bush the 2nd.

probably the greatest example of the American public getting screwed in the ass by it's government.
Watch out kids, if a nuclear bomb goes off,you know what to do.

Duck and cover.

99.99% of the time will result in utter disentregation of the body, but shit happens.
by Biafra J July 29, 2004
February 28th, 1946
December 25th, 1991

Basically, the Cold War was a race on ALL scales, between the two rivals : America and the Soviet Union. Both of these nations were the strongest in the nation. The Cold War essentially began after WWII. As mentioned before, the Cold War (which received its name because it was a war with negotiations and words, not actual combat) was a race on all scales, but one particular scale was on nuclear weapons. Other races included to become the strongest military, and even to be able to travel the stars (the Soviets put Sputnik in orbit of Earth, but the Americans were the first ones to land on the moon).
The Cold War was thee war that truly determined the fate of the free world. Perhaps the world was created to be what it is now because of the Cold War. But America won the Cold War, and the flags of freedom, and capitalism, would fly all over the world. Mother Russia is now in shambles because of not only our involvements, but also the courses they ran until they realized they were wrong.
"....nowadays I use this term to refer to an argument I have with someone online. If I met that person in real-life, I'd probably wail on him, or her. My last cold war was on February 6th, two days before my birthday; it was hellish because some bitch said lies to my sister. I won....but I was only lucky."
by Dave March 26, 2004
Oops, eheheh, WORLD, not nation. Strongest nations in the WORLD. My bad. ^-^
How are people capable of defining words without needing to put in an example, huh?
by Dave April 11, 2004
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