some one who needs to drink coca-cola everyday. addictcted to soda like someone addicted to drugs.
She's such a coke whore she waisted her last dollar on soda.
by princessash October 22, 2006
Top Definition
A woman who bangs guys so she can snort cocaine. A true slut in every sense of the word.
Drew Barrymore is a coke whore.
by Jan The Man July 02, 2003
1. Someone who regularly partakes in sex with male strangers to further satisfy her drug addiction.
2. Women who act like the above description without actually taking the drugs. This is a more pathetic version. She pretends to be a drug addict to further satisfy her sex addiction.
"Did you see the chicks down at the club on saturday? It was wall to wall coke whores"
by darkabove April 30, 2005
In the literal sense, any woman who will perform sexual favors to acquire the drug cocaine. In a figurative sense, any person who will sacrifice a portion of themselves (I.E. morals, ethics, time, money, or status) to acquire any amount of cocaine.
Coke whores are women who wait around for durations of time to obtain the drug

Coke whores are people who move from party to party to find a source of cocaine, despite their original plans.

Coke whores are any person who will steal for cocaine

Coke whores are any person who will perform a sex act to acquire cocaine
by Ryan Douglas November 07, 2007
A weather condition that includes snowing and blowing.
And on thursday we will experience a quick moving nor'easter as a coldfront passes through, dumping 1-2" on chicago. Those of you in the western suburbs may experience a coke whore with blowing snow being a strong concern.
by bcstyle January 30, 2014
A girl who will fuck anyone for a free bag of coke.
Suzy is such a coke whore..she will fuck anything for a blast!!!! Eww!!!
by #highfatcontentlowselfesteem October 17, 2013
An unemployed, uneducated, ugly, fat girl from the ghetto who wishes she lived in upper st clair. To cover up her misery, she does pills, drinks, and does coke all day long in front of her illegitimate sons. She has never been married, and she thinks Europe is a country. She still lives with her parents because she can't get a decent job. She beats her kids and swears in front of them. It won't be long til CYS takes them from her because she is an unfit mother.
Thank God we live in Upper St. Clair and aren't surrounded by cokewhores from the Sheraden ghetto. AND If I wasn't such a cokewhore, maybe I could have a great relationship with my ex like Christy does. AND I wish I was as skinny and pretty as Christy, but I'm just a useless cokewhore who is a cokewhore and a bad parent.
by white trash slut July 20, 2006
One who is addicted to the popular soft drink Diet Coke. The addict is generally a female between the ages of 18 and 25 and extremely attractive.
Look at Diana over there drinking more Diet Coke. She's such a coke whore.
by tobeornot2be July 27, 2010
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