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The need to deficate when you have your first line of coke.
Jesus, thats strong beak, im off for a coke shit.
by stu robinson March 31, 2007
The sensation of having to shit urgently and frequently while under the influence of coke (cocaine, blow, cola, snow, etc.)
Guy: So, are you coming home with me tonight?

Girl: I just railed an 8-ball and my stomach's telling me that I may have the coke shits. Maybe another time?
by KING CXCI January 16, 2010
Someone that has been doing cocaine asks to use your bathroom, and takes a nasty "coke shit" that leaves splatters or skid marks that never come off the toilet.
Dominick came over & took a nasty "coke shit" in my bathroom!
by SMUGGLER305 December 12, 2008
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