Sex. The physical act of love.
Maude: "Do you like it?"
Dude: "I was talking about my rug"
Maude: "You're not interested in sex?"
Dude: "You mean coitus?"
by SaneSoul December 25, 2005
A sciency-sounding word for SECKSSS. Sheldon Cooper from the show The Big Bang Theory often replaces the word "sex" with "coitus".
Penny, did you engage in coitus with Leonard last night?

I had coitus with Amy Farrah Fowler last weekend... BAZINGA!!!!
by trajiniqa September 04, 2012
A nerdy word for "sex"
Sheldon doesn't want to have coitus until after he had his first child.
by presidenko_putin April 08, 2015
Scientific reference for 'doing the dirty', having a 'no pants dance', or advancing courtship. Coitus is commonly used in a popular TV show, The Big Bang Theory.
Penny: *opens door* "Hey, my power's out, can I stay here for the night?"
Sheldon: "Do you really-"
Leonard: "YES, of's what friends are for, after all. Lending a room in a time of need."
Sheldon: " long as this doesn't end up in Leonard and Penny taking part in coitus, I guess I can live with it for one night."
by IHasAWolfie January 01, 2014
Sexual intercourse, where the male inserts his penis in to the female's vagina. The majority of males are stimulated in to ejaculating liquid filled with millions of semen.
Barney: Yeah let's have sex.
Sesame Street chick: Sex?
Barney: Coitus. Or oral sex?
Sesame Street chick: Yes. mmmm... nom nom nom.
(_(_)!!!!!!D ---> O:
by SatanIsHere December 23, 2009
a type of cheese that goes good with ham sandwiches
i'll take some coitus on my sammich!
by bobthebuilderofchina January 19, 2011
Word that was being yelled in my house recently because my dumbass friend learned it in a health class and wanted to freak out my parents.
"Hey Dawn, COITUS!!!! COITUS, COITUS!!!"
by Pookie February 22, 2005

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