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A mental condition that causes someone to want to engage in sexual activity. A lot.
My dear friend Lacey suffers from a severe form of nymphomania. She likes peanut butter.
by Pookie February 25, 2005
A male of the human species with an extremely large penis.
Dood, that boy's got a killer NAVEEN!
by Pookie March 14, 2005
This is the word you yell at college basketball coaches when they make really stupid decisions.
"Grow some balls, ass dick!"
by pookie March 22, 2005
a chick who is awesome at softball. this term is reserved only for the most bad ass softball players. not to be taken lightly.
Oh shit, that catcher is so good. She's a true softballa.
by Pookie March 02, 2005
Another word for "thirst".
I need a glass of water to quench my Piash.

You know those Sprite commercials with the little ghetto dude with the killer 'fro? In Bangladesh, they call him "Piash". Obey your Piash.
by pookie January 10, 2005
to bullshit and waste time
Come on and get dressed to leave! We don't have time for you to dilly dally!
by pookie June 16, 2004
the definition for gibberish is when two or more persons engage in a conversation which makes absolutely no fucking sense
dj Phanta-C: I was rowing my boat down the street when I ran into a penguin who was riding a dirt bike in circles cause he dropped his pocket
michelle: yes i also seen the penguin in miami at disneyworld where he took me to breakfast that night and we flew around iowa in a garbage truck eating scarecrows for dinner
by pookie September 20, 2003
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