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An Australian slang term for the human sphincter or "asshole".
James! do your homework!
Suck my coit mum!
by DOOM! November 03, 2003
Australian slang for assehole
get off your fat coit and get me a beer. I can't I'm too pissed.
by Alfonso of Fyshwick October 09, 2005
Ausralian slang for anus or vagina.
Mum pull your finger out ya coit
by twotwothreetwo March 31, 2008
short for 'coitis' (sexual intercourse)
"see that chick over on the couch, we're going to coit later"
by John Griffin May 12, 2004
A word meaning 'Coat', From Yorkshire I think.
'Giz me coit'. Meaning 'Give me my coat'.
by Netti October 12, 2006
n. A derogatory term for heterosexuals. Derived from the word coitus
Dude, that was so coit!
Sorry man, didn't think you were such a coit about that.
by coitus maximus? January 21, 2006
male whore
He was a total coit to hook up with all of those girls.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003