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slang for cocaine.
" Hey, where's the cois at?" - Santa

"Ya se acabo la cois?" -Juan
by h3r0aleX May 08, 2011
ball, family jewel, Testicle in the Romanian Language , kwcoya-'yay Literally
Dá-te la o parte sau it~i trag un s~ut in coaie (Get out of my way or I'll kick your balls).
by Domnul Jack November 12, 2003
Opposite of lol. It means Crying On Inside.
Person 1: Life sucks.

Person 2: Haha, emo much?
Person 1: Yes COI
by aishitageru January 10, 2011
To COI is to "cum on impact". A problem every man has or eventually will have. When your penis touches vagina for the first time in a while, no matter how much hand action it's been seeing and the vagina's touch is just too much. You explode into her after just seconds of penetration. A COI is usually categorized between 15 and 1 second of intercourse yet for the more experienced it may be more of a 1 to 2 minute long voyage (when you're somewhat experienced and can normally last like 10 or 15 minutes at least).

Either way, you never want to COI with anyone other then someone you've already given good sex to, otherwise they probably won't ever want to do it again, and will tell all their friends (and yours) about your inability to squeeze back your load for more then 5 seconds.
"Dude! Sarah was on her period last week but she's finally off so we can finally fuck!"

"Sounds like an epic COI waiting to happen cumqueen."
by ATK24 June 27, 2009
(K-oy) To flick a man or women's breast with your hand.
Dude, I just coied Angela in both breasts.
by ThatDude2121 March 19, 2015
Universal word for anything that's fucking awesome
Dang thats so COI

Holy s*** Ellie's ass Is big as a COI
by COIBOI November 05, 2014
Used to replace any noun in a sentence.
Hey coi! Come over here so we can throw throw this coi back and forth.
by Tang1000000 November 15, 2009

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