really hot way to describe a emo geek
also character off the kewlest tv prog ever (the O.C)
girl 1:that cohen is so emo
girl2:I know, i bet his room is full of cohenista and he listen's to cohen-like emo music.
girl 1:So true and I bet tomorrow he's going to update his cohen hairstyle...
girl 2:i was like so about to say that...i mean his roots aren't black anymore

also an object of lust to the untrained eye!
by Lizy's_hot June 10, 2005
ish from da OC he's jewish boi who welcomez eberyone to a life of insecurity and paralysing self doubt
He'll find some Coheny way to break us up. He can't help it he's Cohen

We'll he says he wants to change to be less Coheny and more lyk well a person
by Habib April 22, 2005

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