Cognitive Dissonance States that contradicting cognitions serve as a driving force that compels the mind to acquire or invent new thoughts or beliefs, or to modify existing beliefs, so as to reduce the amount of dissonance (conflict) between cognitions.
You do a boring job, but is paid $30/hour, so you say that is a nice and interesting job....'well, it is not cognitive dissonance, I think is a great new job!!'

You are deciding about two movies, your girlfriend wants to see the most boring one so after the cinema, you think it was a good movie and cool after all.
by David Mendoza November 09, 2006
Top Definition
A condition of conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistency between one's beliefs and one's actions, such as opposing the slaughter of animals and eating meat.
This child is going through a state of cognitive dissonance as he imitates his hero while physically beating his friends.
by Nee - Oh - Corn June 05, 2003
When a conservative objects to blaming George W. Bush for the recession, even though he blames everything that happened during the Bush Administration on Bill Clinton.
Conservative: Yep the old usual left wing play, if all else fails, blame Bush.

Liberal: But you blamed everything that happened during the Bush Administration on Clinton. How is that any different?

Conservative: I guess I'm engaging in some cognitive dissonance.
by Jer Mack September 27, 2011
Cognitive Dissonance- Wildy Subjective though assumed Objective perception of a paradigm/statement/area of thought/event believed to be of questionable intent/plausablity and/or truthfullness and sense.

esp. used by the American liberal left when encountering something they disagree with or anything which does not reinforce their cosy ideology without ambiguity and/or ambivelance.

Of course it is believed true that the aural perception and identification of cognitive dissonance is identical on all possible fronts and viewpoints and corresponds (with knowing infallability) between the listener and whichever poltical/cultural hack has taken to the soapbox at any given time.
"So it looks like Obama really was'nt the savior of mankind after all and is actually a bit of an arrogant pillock"

"Surely that can't be true, he's a Democrat, he's America's first black President, Reverend Jesse James cried tears of joy on national T.V at his inauguration for christ sake! I must say I'm getting lot of cognitive dissonance right now"

"Well I assure you it is harmonically correct to more than a select few of musically trained ears, and please, stop calling me shirley!"
by Misery gluts December 30, 2011
Knowing you made the wrong choice but are too stubborn to correct yourself and therefore deny it by saying everyone else made the wrong choice.
PS3 fanboy: PS3 KICKS 360'S ASS ANYDAY.

Xbox fanboy: Uhhh...Okay. Cognitive dissonance. I'll just go back to playing Halo 3.
by hobolikker May 26, 2009
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