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A form of visual odor involving someone who looks as if his or her breath always reeks of stale coffee.
Wide-mouthed sitcom star Valerie Harper has always looked like she's got perpetual coffee-breath.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
The reek from somebody's mouth that is emitted when somebody does not brush their teeth before they drink coffee.
"Jeez. I have major coffee breath because I didn't have enough time to brush my teeth on my way to Starbucks."
by fapuchino August 13, 2009
Coffee Breath: whether or not someone brushes their teeth before or after coffee, it is still a distinct flavor of a smell that leads the palate numb for days!

Next to being a natural protection against curious children who otherwise would be pre exposed to potential harmfull ways in the intriguing "worlds" of the adults it can be a huge distraction in conversation or other engaging activities if the other person is more sensitive or feelsy about coffee. Fair enough to say, people should brush their teeth, whether they drink coffee or not.
"Do i have coffee breath? I can't tell i haven't used my palate in years!"

"Easy with the coffee breath!"

"I should get coffee breath, that way i won't smell coffee breath."

"I'm done with the coffee, i want to taste my new partner!"
by good attention July 10, 2013
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