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the person who is sent to get coffee for the whole office or group of friends at the beggining of the day. usually on a first name basis with the dunkin donuts person. coffee bitch is usually carrying a 7 to 12 coffee drinks with them. sometimes accompanied by a fellow coffee bitch
"i need my caffiene fix. who's the coffee bitch today?"
who's she?
"the slut with the red hair who's carrying all the coffee"
by caffienequeen830 August 06, 2006
A person whom, if they don't have their coffee in the morning, becomes a complete bitch

i.e. never dare this person to go a day without coffee, because you will regret it!
Coffee Bitch: OMG You wouldn't want to know me if I don't have my coffee!

Normal Guy: Jeez dude you're such a Coffee Bitch!
by Fooper April 05, 2007
A person who is designated to make, or pickup coffee every morning, mid-afternoon, and evening.
Who told the coffee bitch to not make coffee, bitch?
by Bruce Halstead April 25, 2007
A male person who makes coffee at a AA meeting or NA meeting.
Where is the coffee bitch this coffee sucks and I am going to kick his ass.
by lash505 August 17, 2007
Coffee bitch:
A word used by HeadbuttArcade Andrew Garcia describing Adachi in his 'Lets play persona 4' series. Andrew, who had done previous let's plays, called Adachi 'Coffee bitch' : He always walked around with coffee in his hand and was an utter and complete bitch.
"Oh look...Coffee bitch came around to vist us....Nanako clean the table...I don't want his FILTHY, bitchy hands touching OUR coffee table."~Andrew
by DemiIsInDaHouse April 25, 2011
Chick who is always seen with a coffee in their hands. Usually pretty hot yet is very bitchy and self entitled.
Friend A: Damn, that chick with the coffee is pretty hot.
Friend B: Don't bother, shes a coffee bitch, not worth it.
by cmcleod July 06, 2011
a gender-neutral term of endearment bestowed on one who makes or gets coffee for others.

Though the ideal job for a coffee bitch is a barista or coffee shop owner, one may also find a coffee bitch in an office or at home.

The common identifiable trait of a coffee bitch is the willingness and exceptional capabilities of making good coffee for the enjoyment of themselves and others.
Coffee snobs revere coffee bitches as gods/goddesses because without them their lives are often uncaffeinated and meaningless; or worse, subjected to the consumption of crappy coffee.

"Who's the coffee bitch today? I buy you fly..."
by Tominsky September 29, 2011
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