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Spanish - Literally "Elbow"
In a few regions of Spain this refers to somebody who is very stingey with their money. In many cases, the person calling you stingey will simply stick their elbow out pointed at you.
Dependiente - "Esa camiseta le costará ciento dólares."
Cliente - "¡De ningún modo en infierno!"
Dependiente - "Ud. es codo."
by Andrew March 15, 2005
A more ghetto way of saying "cold, though."
Come outside to smoke a cigarette..
Damn, it's co'do !!
by SamanthaPatricia December 04, 2011
1. Spanish word for elbow
2. It can also mean an egotistic person, in other words, someone selfish
3. People who are born in Monterrey Mexico are considered to be "codos" (selfish)
4. A stereotype term for people who are born in Monterrey Mexico
5. Finally, codo is a thrifty person who know how to save money without wasting it in useless things.
Que codo eres!=you are so selfish
He is from Monterrey, he must a "codo"
Dicen que los de monterrey son codos= they say people from monterrey are selfish
by Josh Quintanilla October 08, 2008

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