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A term used by EMS and Police to refer to a Spanish female who is hyperventilating because of drama. On a phone the "7" button has the letters "PRS" or as refered by EMS and police "Puerto Ricain Syndrom"
After her baby's father was sentenced to 20-life she was code 7.
by frank castle July 04, 2006
cop slang for lunch break
patrol car 142 is on code 7
by Mugsy March 03, 2005
A term for meaning if there is any Fine ass girls at where you are employed. Co-workers or people just walking thru.
you: "Hey, you see any code 7's yet"

Co-Worker: "Not yet just a bunch uh fat ass hoes"
by hog333 November 12, 2006
Someone is coming into Subway. Usually refering to a customer, but can be used in conjunction with other codes to signal the arrival of Darin. see code 9.
Code 7; Josh get out here!
by stevie September 13, 2003