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cop slang for lunch break
patrol car 142 is on code 7
by Mugsy March 03, 2005
derogatory term to describe an undesirable individual.
Carrot Top is such a mook.
by Mugsy August 14, 2003
applies to any hot girl named steph's pussy
last night i had 4 shots of wieser's and a big slice of stephard's pie
by Mugsy March 03, 2005
To act in a stupid, futile, or otherwise misguided fashion.
He had a chance of hooking up with the gal until he mooked it up by spilling his drink on her dress.
by Mugsy August 14, 2003
Delivering repeated attacks to an opponent after they have been KO'd in a Soul Caliber II match.
Dude... did you see Stickboy corpse-humping Taki after she went down? That was just wrong
by Mugsy October 01, 2003
one who is prejudice towards a specific balding person who, is not only in the process of balding but creates bad nicknames for others, and squats at peoples houses complaining for a living. The baldist refers to the balding person as the balder.
Dan, the balder, was fed up with baldist remarks from his friends so he decided to get a hat.
by Mugsy January 04, 2004
bastard little shop lifters who think there being sneeky.
see that little bunny foo foo who is not being very 007 about lifting that CD.
by Mugsy January 13, 2005
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