Home of the most amazing curry one will ever experience. Many believe crack is one of the main ingredients, due to the addiction one develops.
Coco's was on point tonight, as always!
by Loompie October 13, 2008
I am so coco
by coco May 29, 2003
Used in the Haitian Creole language a disrespectful term for vagina or a woman's genitalia.
Coco ou santi. (Your pussy Stinks)
by dappaman09 December 06, 2009
Coco is a nickname for a girl by the name of Nicole. She is funny, sweet, kind, one of the most beautiful and caring girls youll know! She never stops making you smile, and shes just so easy to get along with! She can brighten your day with just a few words.
Vanessa: I love my best friend Coco, shes just amazing!

Girl: I wish i knew her too! She is beautiful and so sweet!
by essagirl23 February 12, 2013
a verb which applies to a situation when an individual lays under the sheets in their room and beats off for 45 continuous
minutes. The verb has also come to mean "filling your hard drive with an overwhelming amount of porno material". Recent occurences have also led to a slight twist in the verbs meaning. For example when an individual only leaves their room to shit, piss, pay the pizza delivery man, or buy some new KY Jelly.
Paul: Hey I am going to go coco for a little bit.

Nick: Paul, why would you go coco right now, you dont have 45 minutes to punch your clown?
by Yipster December 12, 2007
A dumb blonde bimbo.
You see that dumb blonde?

Ya that Coco walking down the street was mean in high school!
by WhiteTrashSpecial April 12, 2015
Coco is a brazilian definiton for Coconut. It's use in US and other countries may refer to good quality cocaine, as it's in rock form so you need to crush it or as some say - grate it - then resulting in the slang "grate coco". Coco refer to cocaine in the most pure form available, not yellowish, mixed or whatever mostly people get. So you are not able to use the word Coco to call your shit cocaine. If so, you are misinforming people and lying about your powder and your overall financial and social status situation.
"I need to sniff some Coco right now"
"Do you have some Coco? Or just shitty coke?"
"Man get a life and stop snorting this crap, get some real Coco!"
by Euseiquevou1989 September 05, 2012

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