A devilish dog. It is very dangerous.
Wow, Coco just attacked me.
by Dontmesswithcoco February 10, 2010
Coco is a French aristocrat name. Most commonly known by fashion icon, Coco Chanel. Also a character from the TV show, Flight of the Conchords. All these other definitions are so far off from each other.
"Did you know Coco is a monkey that lives in Mexico- that makes you eat your vegetables?!"
"Uhm...No it's not..."
by Cocopuff February 28, 2008
n./adj. A derogatory term for a Hispanic-American or Filipino-American perceived as being out of touch with their heritage; i.e. a person who is "brown on the outside, white on the inside;" from the Spanish word for coconut
most commonly used by members of the same ethnicity/nationality
by wayfarer April 27, 2005
Someone who's head resembles a coconut, usually male. Short, dark brown, jagged hair on a very rounded cranium. Coco's usually paired with boyish looks and cheeky grins. Also associated with charming personalities and dry wit. Other names for coco include - Coconut and bounty noggin
Craig MacDonald, Scott Savage
"a great header, using all the weight of his coco"
by Chazzz January 30, 2005
(n) A large primate who bangs on calculators with knuckles. They live in symbiosis with the elusive Brown-nosed Poolboy whom you can see usually following the Coco closely. Cocos can be seen leaving the bathroom without washing their hands.
The Coco said "OOOH OH AHHH AHHH!!!"
by Websters December 02, 2003
blow,snow,coke cocaine, a drug taken mainly in form of white powder inhaled through the nose
Let's sniff some coco.
This coco got me sooo wasted last night.
by fi$ June 18, 2005
The sexiest and smartest man alive!
The Coco's are closer than the "Lilo's"
by Greg March 06, 2005

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