The strange moment following a brief interaction or run-in with a male you have had sexual relations with.
One night stand comes up to you and five friends sitting at a table, to interrupt and say his 'hellos', and everyone turns to look at him; cockwardly.
by beepee March 21, 2013
When a man is on a date and thinks that his partner wants to give him a BJ so he pulls out his sausage and she freaks out or yells "RAPE!!"
dude, i was totally gonna bang this girl but i pulled it out too soon and it was totally cockward.
by JOHNeMac February 22, 2011
An awkward sexual advance that you originally thought would go over smoother.
we were getting along great untill i said "we should go watch a movie at my place" then things got cockward.
by thunderone July 09, 2010
When the male genitalia is an unusual shape, size or colour.
I was really excited when I saw the size of his feet. So it was a pretty cockward moment when I went down on him. Apparently big feet can just mean they wear big shoes...
by Fawkward69 December 29, 2009
The feeling a man recieves once his penis is viewed by another male while standing at a free flow urinal.
Mike was given a very cockward feeling after Sean's repeated looks during dollar beer night.
by tonsoffunak March 29, 2009
1. An akward situation involving a cock.
"What he just said was totally cockward."
by Ironman211 February 06, 2009
when you are out at a bar, and things get awkward, and it's all because of a cock. too much cock, not enough cock, bad cock, it's bound to get cockward.
Joe, John, and Steve will be there, this could get cockward
by Mrs. Poorchoice June 26, 2010
The definition of "cockward" is having a spontaneous erection or boner in highly awkward situations, such as a funeral, job interview or even a wedding.
Drake: "Dude, that funeral was terrible I had a boner the whole time."

Ringo: "That must have been so cockward."
by LookMaNoHands2594 December 19, 2010

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