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degrading name for someone that is perceived as having a diminished capacity, e.g. a moron, an idiot, etc
Bloody cockwad doesn't know how to drive. His momma definitely should have swallowed that load.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
An Idiot
You fucking cockwad!
by BongWaterBob September 09, 2003
someone who acts in a cock-ish way. annoying . stupid. a bag full of cockwad. nobody likes. someone who gets rejected. someone who gets beat up, fat kid, nerd, man with no cock, selfish, greedy.
by sh'ANNA deemakro November 16, 2010
A ratchet ass bitch who needs to get decked in the face.
"Alex your a cockwad!"
by NoneOfYourDamnBisssnesss! December 12, 2013
a person who can't drive.
You fucking cockwad! use your blinker!
by ChiquitaBanana1 June 20, 2009
The female chicken who is used as a support for the gigantuan penis of the master rooster in the chicken community. Used to describe a down-trodden person. One who is put apon.
That Tracey's a cock-wad. She's got not self-respect.
by Julia Worley August 11, 2003
A horrible human being. The epitome of a dick. One of the worst people possible.

Synonyms include: cunt, twat
Ugh I hate my teacher. He yelled at me for picking up my jacket today. He's such a cockwad.
by Zazuachu December 25, 2015

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