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n. Lifethreatening condition causing lack of oxygen due to excessive amounts of cock. Usually suffered by trendsbians when their antics cause a stir in the football team at frat parties. Most cases are caused orally, though some cases have been caused by excessive choad usage in a more traditional manner.
"Hi, I'm Johnny Noxville and this is cocksphyxiation..."

"Cocksphyxiation, the silent killer"
by poopypants April 01, 2003

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A condition where the brain does not recieve enough oxygen due to A MOUTHFULL OF CAWK
Laura's face turned purple when I put some mad cocksphyxiation on her.
by taint3d0ne March 31, 2003
when u have 2 much cock and u choke and die
My gf had cocksphyxiation and choked on my dick.
by Jewish April 01, 2003