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Small piece of very fitting fabric placed on the penis and balls. Mainly used in sex scenes in movies and TV for the appearance of the man being nude.
Connor, the director, wanted Logan to wear a cocksock so that Logan's dick doesn't touch his wife.
by Brent D. August 17, 2006
53 30
A small cloth sock worn by male actors in movie love scenes that show a lot of skin.
Robert Downey Jr. was forced to wear a cock sock for the love scene because the actress didn't want his druggy penis near her vagina.
382 136
To (often repeatedly) punch a male in the genitals for the sole purpose of cockblocking him.
Christian cocksocked Skov five times on Sunday while Skov was hanging out with his girlfriend. What a cockblock for Skov-- he was doubled over in pain for the rest of the night and his girlfriend left early.
by ~^_^ January 04, 2010
52 15
Made famous by the Red Hot Chili Peppers a cock sock is a sock worn on the penis.
Flea dropped his bass and swung his cock sock around in a circle.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
134 104
After waking up from a night out, you find yourself in a stranger's house completely naked, apart from one sock. This sock can be used to save any embarrassment, e.g. small cock, pierced balls you don't want her Mother to see, while acting like a coverall to help you on your search for your clothes.

NOTE: Depending on 'morning wood' status, balls can also be cupped in the cock sock.
Kyle: "Hey man, where did you go after cav?"

Dennis: "Back to some bints flat, woke up in the morning starking and all I could see was a nappy or my sock, so I did the old 'cock sock', found my shit then climbed out the window,"
by Dennis McInally February 24, 2009
89 79
a vagina
person a: you are a cock-sock
person b: hey
by dave1234567890grandma December 15, 2011
15 7
AKA wank-sock, see to purchase custom-made, premium quality, stain resistant, easy-wash pairs lovingly hand made to your very own design specifications.
I've used the same cock-sock for years now and it's become rather crusty. I think I will buy some more from, they're great etc.
by Malcolm Forbes April 23, 2005
17 9