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A fictional object that a person may refer to after witnessing something extremely unpleasant.
My grandpa just bent over and I saw curry. Pass the eyebleach, please.
by Belunan February 28, 2009
A plural term for the legions of young men that follow and lust for the starlet du jour.
Faparazzi #1: Two more nude Jessica Hudgens pics just hit the 'Net!

Faparazzi #2: I'll be in my room. With the door locked. All day.
by Belunan August 25, 2009
A snide remark subtly directed against men inserted into a conversation by a bitter woman.
The definitions of an ex-hole as listed by urbandictionary.com are the portrait of another tired shreflerism.
by belunan January 11, 2009
Someone who thinks their actions are good for 'the' environment, failing to distinguish between the human environment and the environment of other creatures.
"Cleaning up landfills is good for the environment".

"How very envirocentrist of you. I hope the rats in those landfills track you down and eat your children for destroying their environment".
by Belunan January 07, 2009
An observational comment unwittingly providing a woman ammunition to harass her man.
Man to clerk: ...and a pack of Camels, please.
Clerk to man: Here ya go...You know those are gonna kill ya, right?
Man's wife: Ya, see? Even he knows! I keep telling you to quit! BLAH BLAH Blah blah blah.
Man to clerk: Thanks for the nag fuel, asshole.
by Belunan November 27, 2009
A reference to the explosively negative mood swings a woman experiences during her menstrual period.
I'm not going to make poker night tonight, guys. Lindsey's tampomb just went off.
by Belunan December 12, 2009
A disproportionately angry or violent response to a dismissively minor inconvenience.
Fast food customer: If I would have known you didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now you want to give me a McDouble?! Ima kill you, bitch!

Fast food worker: Whoah, here's your money back, psycho. Chill out on the hamburger rage.
by Belunan January 06, 2010

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