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Meaning: to be one who has no other use for the nose except to smell male genetalia. Defined by doctors as the Sniffadacocka disease
patient: "I cant keep my nose away from cock, doc"
Doctor: "Fuck up, cocksniff"
by SYPHILLUS KING April 02, 2005
someone who is really gay
me_omg kevin is such a cock sniff
you_omg i know he so is gay
by alexaa June 08, 2006
can be used as an insult or somebody that likes sniffing cock,
Swift you are such a cocksniff,
Swift thats minging as is u sniffed sumbody's cock
by acheeseface January 08, 2009
1 to ask something stupid when your with guys
2 to be way to short
1(eg:Wayne: wheres the bong?
johnny:Wayne fuck your a cocksniff the bongs on ya lap)
2hey corey look at that COCKSNIFF
by error13 December 27, 2006
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