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(see Swift) a hairy mole is an overly large mole with an addition of hair on it's surface.
Whats that on your face SWIFT is that a hairy mole? it looks like it has a mind of it's own
by acheeseface January 07, 2009
can be used as an insult or somebody that likes sniffing cock,
Swift you are such a cocksniff,
Swift thats minging as is u sniffed sumbody's cock
by acheeseface January 08, 2009
A douche bag is used as a form of slang meaning "idiot". A Douche bag can also be used as a bag in which dirty sanitary towels are kept.
"ANDREW SWIFT you are oficially a douche bag as you never emptied your mum's douche bag"
by acheeseface January 07, 2009
New school Chav, wears all the chav wear "tracksuits socks tucked into pants etc etc, with a wooly hat with the flaps that cover your ears pointing upwards
look at that guy he's an N Dub what a wanker
by acheeseface January 08, 2009

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