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a man/womoan who spits on his/her partner cock then licks it as if it were being shined.
Jacob went down on a guy and shined his cock, he's such a cock shiner
by Maurissa Hernandez March 20, 2007
41 6
SOmeone who shines dick, sucks cock, licks dick! Anyone who has or has had dick in their mouth!
Guy 1: Your an ass hole man!
Guy 2: Fuck off cock shiner!
by Big Daddy Kyle February 16, 2008
40 13
One who shines the cock. Engages in cock shining frequently.

(Note: Jan 16th is National Cockshiner Day)
I've seen cockshiners, swear to god-cockshiners, who are more talented than you
by davey March 17, 2004
30 9
Often seen in olden times, a small boy would sit in the street with his shine box, yelling "Good day ta ya, guv. Shine ya cock? Only two bob!"
"Look over there, Phillip, its that little street scamp Billy. He sure gives a good cock-shine, I tell you."
by Prof.turtle August 11, 2005
14 5
One who shows pleasure in sucking someones cock!
Nigel Rose. Australia. Victoria.
by BTG June 25, 2003
16 9
The result of banging just that little bit too hard.
Alex "What's that mark?"
Devlin "I got myself a right good cockshiner. I guess my missus is stronger than she looks."
by Amy 'i like puzzles' August 11, 2005
13 9
A person that is very annoying.
"You're a Cock Shiner"
by Cr45h0v3r1d3 November 21, 2007
14 13