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Devlins are usually great and fun to be around! Always hyper and funny, they always know how to cheer you up and put a smile on your face when you are feeling down! They are known for their good looks and great personality!
1.) Im so sad no one can make me happy.

*Devlin walks by*

Im so happy:)

2.) Whos that good looking guy over there?

Oh him? Thats Devlin:)
by forever infinity September 18, 2013
Often drunk, mostly ginger, 100% irish
wanna go pull a devlin?!?!!?!?
by lil ze September 11, 2007
The best white UK grime rapper of all times.
Devlin - Runaway
by dubGrime April 21, 2011
noun: a grammar term which denotes the point in the novel where the meaning of the title is revealed.
The devlin in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is revealed very early in the novel.
by Jdub999 December 24, 2008
another name for pooping or a nickname for a person that is extremely annoying, asks too many obvious and pointless questions, and is socially awkward around others. Often named Carly.
"Man, I really have to take a Devlin!"

"Devlin is so annoying! I just want her to go away!"
by laserbeams46221 November 07, 2011

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