someone who has started as an apprentice of any genetal area and further his studies into the male genetalia. After several years of practice has passed the final exam and can now claim mastery of that region. Many 'cockmasters' have now opened their dojos in the Western parts of the US.
'Dan has been training since he's 5 to master male genetalia'
'He's not match for Andy...Andy has perfected his skills and is now a 'cockmaster'!!!
by joe horng June 30, 2004
Synonym for gay. A male who is thought to have mastered the penis.

True mastery of the cock requires regular practice.
Cockmastery can NOT be achieved by masturbating as this only results in the mastery of ONE cock (ones own), not cocks in general.
Therefore a cockmaster is a male who is thought to handle other peoples penises frequently, thereby aquiring skills that have to be considered masterful.
"Piss off, cockmaster."
by arsebum October 17, 2009
master of male chickens
Farmer Brown was the biggest cockmaster in the land.
by kwazoo May 08, 2006
The type of person who cares only for their own needs and wants. One who thinks they will get their way by being a bigger pain in the ass than the next person. Origin: approx. 6-7 yrs in mainstream culture via The "South Park" movie
"That guy just cut in line for the bathroom!" "What a Cockmaster"
by NITERAT April 25, 2005
slang for homo sexual
lance bass is a cock master
by dikhed August 14, 2009
Pretty much a nicer way to call some one a whore. Can also be used as profanity. A teenage substitute for the word bitch.
Straight example: That's the fifth guy she talked to in an hour, she's such a cock master.

Homo sexual example: Stop acting like such a cock master, we just got here.

Profanity example: Holy cock master, I just pissed myself.
by Monkey ass turd face January 24, 2010
Descriptive noun for displaying extreme displeasure at an individual or individuals (Cock Masters).
All of them cock masters, everyone of them just kissing the bosses arse especially Graham, the cock master.
by Richard April 18, 2005
a pimp with the cane who gets more ass then a toilet seat
"yo bitch get over here with the shit,im a want a taste of my deliciousa pinga"
by ralph ahahaha October 14, 2007

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