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One who is proficient in servicing (others') penises.
George Bush is a filthy cockmaster.
by Saddam Hussein May 07, 2003
Man or Woman, but more suited towards the female sex. A middle aged woman who has had ALOT of cock and has children to show as a result, thus showing a true mastering of the cock. Typically has had so much cock that the vagina and anus have merged as one orrifice as a result of wear.
The Yoda of the cock world.
'This woman in the pub is 47, she has had 4 husbands and 6 children by all different men, she is a true cock master'
by Christoph November 13, 2004
one who has earned a masters degree in the art of handling cock; someone who really pisses you the fuck off.
1. im tired of that lazy cockmaster not doing any of the work, and still act like hes tired.
by Smoke more bud! May 13, 2003
Noun. This word is a simple combination of the word cock, in the euphimistic sense refering to the penis of a human male, and the word master.

It is an insult used to question the sexuality of the targeted person, who is usually male, or to express general disdain for them.
You cockmaster, I can't believe you told my girlfriend I went to a strip club last night!
by pete August 10, 2004
1. To be a homosexual male: master of the cock

2. Someone/thing which you dont like very much
1. His lover is a cock master.
2. damnit leroy... why do you have to be such a cock master?
by Linds June 02, 2004
Commonly misinterpreted to describe a homosexual. A 'cockmaster' is actually one who through much training, has mastered the art of seduction. A true 'cockmaster' will be promiscuous and seldom pleasure the same girl twice. Although he may leave broken hearts in his wake, the 'cockmaster' will have no regrets, will never apologise and never look back.
"Mate, did you see that stunner that Duncan shagged last night? He is such a cockmaster"
by Ross October 23, 2004
Anyone who has expert level knowledge of how to properly handle a penis.
I had a great time last night. She is a cock master... if you know what i mean.
by Shandalier November 12, 2007
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