Top Definition
A young boy's penis
He cupped his hands over his immature cocklet
by Sam May 07, 2003
a tiny penis, or the opposite of a tripod. It can also be used as an insult.
"The Midget's ex-boyfriend has a cocklet"
by Harveer Singh May 02, 2006
also referred to as "cocklit" this is a noun used to describe someone who acts like the male penis.
that kid who keeps stealing my food is such a cocklet i need that food.
by Ben January 14, 2003
A large cock ring, used by those who are well-endowed. Rather than a cock ring, it is a cock-bracelet, hence a cocklet.
"Juan, you know I like it better when you wear your cocklet!" Taylor remarked.
by Aplusbar October 30, 2006
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