Top Definition
A large collection of flab directly above a man's penis. Sometimes consuming it so it never sees the light of day.

Also referred to as frontal ass.

Referred to as patchfat for women.
How does he put a belt on with that much cockfat.
by R Anaconda August 05, 2006
The fat under the chin of older women. It is presumed that all that space is where a cock use to be. As defined by KW
Man that girl has some serious cock fat. I bet she was popular in the day
by HottaThanButta April 16, 2006
Used in conjunction with "a slice of"

to describe a douchebag, or asshole...a dirty rotten sonuvabitch, and such...
BAMF 1: "That father raping, pickle fucking, tit-footed bag of douche over there is the biggest slice of cock fat on earth"

BAMF.2: "Dude he's such a slice of cock fat that, know what? He's not a slice...he's the whole damn thing...when someone else is a slice of cock fat...they're a slice of him...the cock fat..."

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