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Also known as Cheese Cockcorn. Cockcorn is the pugent odor emitted from the groin area. Often associated with Body odor due to heavy exercise. The smell can be so strong that it diffuses into the room your in.
"Wow, I should have showered sometime in the last three days, now I have uber-bad cheese cockcorn."
by nate webster February 21, 2005
A tin of popcorn that your boss puts his hands in after he goes to the bathroom and doesn't wash his hands.
Amber: Are you going to have some popcorn?
Sarah: I don't want any of that cock-corn, Gary's hands were all in it'
by JD DICKS December 23, 2009
Using a cob of corn as a vibrator. The pussy is so hot it pops the corn.
Jenni is enjoying herself with a cob of corn!

She better be careful, she has one hot pussy!

Too late.....we got a bed full of cockcorn.

Can I come over? I'll bring the butter.
by kimgee April 15, 2010

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