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A guy who is so blind to see whats in front of him - when a girl is there wanting sexual pleasure - he takes the condom blows it stupidly as if it was a balloon.
"Karl why do you gotta be such a cockballoon bro? That chick wanted the D in the V so bad but you turned it loose you ass-hat !"
by joeshmoe99 September 11, 2013
Cock Balloons are like condoms, but cooler. They bring joy and stop icky-ness, like Obama, only not so religious. Often used as a hip way to encourage safe sex.
Changing holes? Think Cock-Balloons.

Don't dirty the pie! Use Cock-Balloons.

Overseas? Think Cock-Balloons.
by www.cock-balloons.com July 29, 2011
A tushy toast tumble down tipsy turvey tickle time.
Lets take a tushy toast tumble down tipsy turvey tickle time with a Cock Balloon sandwich.
by Tits McGee O'Piggly Pee December 04, 2008